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How to Determine Your IQ (And Maybe Even Increase It)

Ah – the fabled ‘IQ’, or Intelligence Quotient. It’s regarded as the almost universal barometer of intelligence in societies worldwide. There are entire organizations (such as Mensa) that are dedicated for people who have high IQ scores. Most people have taken an IQ test at least once in their lives to see how clever they really are compared to the average Joe.

The purpose of IQ tests is to measure a person’s cognitive ability compared to the general population. As a result, IQ tests have a standardized scale with 100 as the median human score. So, if you were to score between 90 and 110, it’s an indication of average intelligence. If you score above 130: you’re an exceptionally intelligent human.

IQ tests measure the overall intelligence of a person in multiple ways:

  • Mathematical Ability: Testing your capacity for logical problem-solving.

  • Memory Ability: Testing your aptitude for storing and recollecting information that is presented via visual or aural means.

  • Language Ability: Measuring your capacity for manipulating and arranging language in a coherent way.

  • Spatial Ability: Demonstrating your ability to measure relationships between things and recognize the manipulation of shapes.

  • Reasoning Ability: Applying your critical thinking skills to problem-solve and identify logical conclusions.

Remember, IQ tests aren’t about the overall knowledge you have. They measure your overall cognitive ability: your capacity for learning, understanding, and deploying thought.

H3: How Do I Measure My IQ?

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There are many official and unofficial ways to measure your IQ. While there are numerous free online IQ quizzes, these are no substitute for an official IQ test. If you want a rough idea of your IQ (quickly), Mensa USA offers a 30-minute online practice test to determine your IQ range and suitability for joining a high IQ society. Bear in mind that this practice test is $9.99 and not free of charge.

Even better (especially if you’re looking to impress employers) take a Predictive Index test. This is one of the most popular psychometric assessment tools used by thousands of corporations all over the world. It’s a tricky test, and we recommend that you take a Predictive Index Test Behavioral & Cognitive Assessment Course to master your chances of acing it.

In fact, if you take a Predictive Index test course, you’ll likely increase your PLI test score by up to 10 points. This is also an amazing way to practice for an IQ test with over 5 hours of video-based studying and computer-based practicing.

H3: Can I Increase My IQ?

So – can you increase your IQ? While it’s not a straightforward answer: believe it or not you actually can! It’s true that a person’s intellectual ability largely depends on genetic factors. At the same time, the environment plays a big role in your IQ score also.

We know that children who are nurtured with a strong education and diet will invariably develop a better IQ than those who do not. Similarly, adults can improve their IQ scores with practice and conditioning. Your brain is like any muscle in your body: if you take exercise and take care of it, you will perform better.

Let’s see how you can maximize your IQ score with some tips and tricks:

  • Exercise: That’s right. Your whole body is like a machine and physical exercise is great for your brain. Scientists across the world agree with this and often state that cardiovascular fitness is associated with stronger cognitive scores.

  • Meditate: It’s widely purported that a combination of rest and mediation can improve the efficiency of cognitive processing. Not to mention boosting your mood and lowering stress levels.

  • Sleep: You probably already knew this one! There’s a direct correlation between how much sleep you get and your IQ score. Make sure to get in 7-8 hours per night.

  • Learn an Instrument: Playing music can actually raise the IQ scores of both adults and children. Take some time to learn an instrument, raise your IQ, and have some fun doing it!

  • Practice: Take free IQ tests or download the Mensa IQ app. These prepare your brain for the style of IQ assessment questions. You can also take a Professional Learning Indicator course to give your cognitive abilities some well-needed training. Preparation is the key to success.

There you have it! Use these tips to maximize your IQ test score and impress your friends, family, and colleagues. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have a high IQ qualification to demonstrate your cognitive ability for future employers either. Thank you for reading – and good luck on your test!

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Last modified: November 5, 2019