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Amazing Typewriter Art

The increasing control of personal computers, desktop publishing, the introduction of low-cost, truly high-quality laser and inkjet printer technologies, and the universal use of web publishing, e-mail and other electronic communication techniques have largely replaced typewriters in the world. But this London based artist’s drawings gives hope to Typewriters.

Keira Rathbone, an artist who is most known for her amazing art. She is no ordinary artist. Her tool is a typewriter she bought from a Poole charity shop. Within 90 minutes she can produced a drawing by typing out hundreds of letters, numbers and symbols.


Checkout few of her ASCII portraits below.


1. Obama



2. Diplomat


3. Bonnie Greer

4. Kate Moss


5. Tom Hanks


6. Wimborne Minister Church


7.  Russian Boy


8. Miss Turlington


9.  Cherrie Typeface


10. Vintage Record Player


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Last modified: October 6, 2019