About Little Lookbook

Our goal with Little Lookbook is to provide our readers with interesting content where they feel motivated & inspired afterwards & like they get their own little backstage pass into genuine & unique experiences. On Little Lookbook we cover everything surrounding young adult books & TV. We support indie authors, creators & businesses. We also cover topics such as green living, mental & chronic illness & cruelty-free beauty.



Five facts to get to know me better:

  • I’m a Capricorn – my birthday is January 18.
  • I’m a very shy person plus an introvert, so you can imagine me in social situations.
  • I’m a self-proclaimed Hufflepuff, but a Pottermore claimed Ravenclaw.
  • I’m currently studying Communication at business school.
  • I have a chronic illness that (to explain it as simple as possible without medical talk) makes my immune system unable to separate viruses & bacteria from my body. So my immune system is constantly trying to break down my joints, muscles & tendons as well as my airways.

Favourite genres: Adventure with touches of fantasy-sci-fi or a fluffy contemporary

Book or series that’s special to me: Both the Harry Potter series, as well as the Percy Jackson series, has a special place in my heart.

Most underrated book: Isla & the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins. Always has been & always will be in my opinion.

Go-to happy song: Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself by Jess Glynne

TV show I’m obsessing over: The 100