5 Years & Counting | Giveaway

5 Years & Counting | Giveaway

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Nelly playsuit (sold out, similar that’s on sale), H&M tights & flats (sold out)

From a very young age, so long I can’t even remember when it all began, I knew who Kenza Zouiten was, & I knew who Isabella Löwengrip was, & although I didn’t really know who she was, I recognised the name Kissie. The breaks in between classes at year 2 & 3 consisted of me & my friends hanging over someone’s phone or computer checking out whatever pair of shoes or Japan inspired toaster Foki was talking about.

Fast forward a couple of years & you could find me hours upon hours obsessing over Elin Kling & Ebba von Sydow‘s taste in fashion. I was figuratively drooling over Angelica Blick, Janni Deler & Ebba Zingmark‘s photography. I started searching up people like Zoella because who was this girl that everyone was talking about? Honestly, the list could go on.

I’ve always loved reading & storytelling. & I’ve always loved snapping photos of literally everything & everyone, whether they liked it or not.

Today marks the 5 year anniversary of when I clicked that button & created my first blog.

My own little space where I was free to create whatever I wanted, document things I wanted to remember & talk about things I found interesting. Slowly this little space grew &…

…what a couple of years we’ve shared together

We’ve gone through tons of different outfits & fashion trends together. We’ve shared the first ever collaboration I did as a blogger. We’ve been to One Direction concerts together just to later watch them split. We’ve travelled together, from festivals to the countryside to the mountains.

We were there when temporary tattoos were the new thing. I’m not going to try & count how many reading marathons we’ve gone through together. Especially trying to read for 24 hours in a row despite knowing we will fail & fall asleep. Oh, let’s not forget my mini-challenge, Little Book Tower, where you guys always amaze me with your creativity!

We were also the first ever Scandinavian blogger to work with THIS brand & try out their product. Whether you’ve been here all these years & started following yesterday, together we’ve been named Best Blog, Best Fashion Blog, Best Style & Best Trendsetter (HOW?!?).

Can we also talk about all the different music phases we’ve gone through together? & just recently we’ve seen 5 Seconds of Summer live & a couple of months ago we went to Shawn Mendes’ concert together. We can also talk about the fact that I’ve only been able to do a proper bookshelf tour in 2015 because that was the one moment it was semi-neat?

We’ve graduated & started new schools together. We’ve witnessed at least one terror attack too many as well as some rocky moments in political history. But on the bright side, together we’ve also fundraised money for children living in poverty & we’ve been part of movements such as Women’s March & #MeToo.

We’ve also continued growing our little corner ’til the point where I decided to go self-hosted. We’ve also been stealing looks from our style inspirations. Together we also hit one of my personal milestones when we were invited to New York Fashion Week for the first time ever.

We’ve had afternoon tea with some fairies. & since I know that some of you aren’t from Sweden, I decided to introduce you all to fika. We’ve also started to explore cruelty-free beauty products together, as well as discussing what we can do to be nicer to the environment considering the current state of our more & more globalised world.

Oh my goodness, I, a not so secret Harry Potter obsessed person, almost forgot the controversy that is Harry Potter & the Cursed Child! & I can’t forget to give honorary mentions to all the books I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing & sharing with you all.

Here’s to many more years & adventures together!

Birthday Giveaway

To celebrate these 5 years, I wanted to give back a little for having all of you reading my rambling thoughts. Whether that’s here, on Twitter, on Instagram or on Tumblr. So I’ve put together a little giveaway for you all, curated with all the different aspects of this corner in mind:

1 person gets a 200SEK (equals €19 or $22 or £17) gift card to spend on FeelUnique

1 person gets an astronomy inspired package – the Mountain Top print from DorkfaceShop & the Never Stop Dreaming print from SweetAllureShop

1 person gets a package with fairytales & storytelling in mind – the Magpie print from ATinyMew, the Hogwarts Crest print from SweetAllureShop & the Enjoy The Company print from DorkfaceShop

Blog Birthday

Note: As always, ask for permission if you’re underage. This giveaway is international.


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