Sunday Coffee Chat | 08.10.17

Sunday Coffee Chat | 08.10.17

sunday coffee chat september

sunday coffee chat september

September according to Instagram @jessikanicolette

sunday coffee chat september

sunday coffee chat september

1. School is back in swing & although I wish I could say that this is a “coffee plus homework” pic, I’m most likely watching Teen Wolf here… 2. That 7 AM morning commute 3. I dyed my hair & am now technically a redhead (well, brown with copper highlights so that counts, right?) 4. National Coffee Day took place in September so I’m celebrating with an aesthetically pleasing picture of a cup & Oliver Twist 5. Had a little autumn photo shoot which can’t wait to be edited


Here’s your monthly reminder to read Lauren Duca’s column on Teen Vogue every week to stay socially & politically up to date with everything. You can find her post on the Las Vegas terror attack & gun control right HERE.


It’s bridal season folks! & you know what that means, tons & tons & tons of dreamy, flowing gowns! Can you hear me swooning? Some use this season to plan out their dream wedding, & then there’s me who use it to plan conceptual photo shoots that will most likely never happen because of budget.

I mean, you do you but here are some of my favourites taken straight from


Viktor & Rolf // Elie Saab

Carolina Herrera // Vera Wang

Book/Tech Stuff

I know this isn’t really a book, but I have to give a shoutout to my dear Kindle. This is quite a controversial topic in the book community because basically there are two sides, you’re either on “no e-readers, paperbacks all the way” side or you’re on the “doesn’t matter what format, as longs as you’re reading” side. My point is, if it wasn’t for my Kindle I wouldn’t have read a single page during September unless it was school work. I can literally feel the disapproving look of my Goodreads Reading Challenge

TV & Movie

I have two things to mention here. First, I actually (for once) watched a movie. I’m a Youtube or TV person, not a movie person but I did sit down to watch Stuck In Love. I could say that I found the plot intriguing & that it wasn’t because of Logan Lerman, who plays Percy Jackson, & Lily Collins, my girl crush, is in the movie… but that would be a lie. Anyway, I cried during the movie & let’s face it, every movie that makes you cry is a good movie.

Second, we have the TV show I’ve been loving, which I’ve actually already mentioned once in this post… If you couldn’t guess it, I’m talking about Teen Wolf. Feel free to scowl at me because I didn’t start watching the show until this year & I’m only at the end of season 2. Though it has me completely hooked & I’m already mourning since the show ended this autumn. Was that too soon? Should I go get the blanket, tissues & a cup of hot chocolate?


If you want to see what songs I’ve been loving throughout the month of October, I add all songs that I love to this playlist. Later on, my top favourites gets a mention in October’s Coffee Chat, also I would love if you send me suggestions over on Twitter.

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