Wrap Up | Summer Biannual Bibliothon + Booktube-A-Thon

Wrap Up | Summer Biannual Bibliothon + Booktube-A-Thon

The Biannual Bibliothon is, to quote, “seven days, seven hosts, seven challenges, twice a year”. There’s a chosen group book for every readathon with the following challenge of reading that particular book, so there’s a mini book club happening during every readathon. On top of that, there’s a book club happening throughout the rest of the year. Basically, a lot happens around this readathon so there’s definitely something there for you to enjoy.

The Booktube-A-Thon is a week long readathon hosted by Ariel Bissett along with a couple of invited hosts. It’s an event where book vloggers, bloggers, Instagrammers etc. all across the world come together to read as much as possible as well as spread the love for reading during one week. The Book Depository is one of the sponsors for this readathon, so during the time Booktube-A-Thon is running you have the chance to buy the official Booktube-A-Thon picks with a discount.

Biannual Bibliothon Reading Challenges

Booktube-a-thon Reading Challenges

Currently Reading:

Books Completed:

Total Pages Read:

A total of 911 pages read from 4 different books

Still In The To Be Read Pile:

For having such a busy week, managing to finish two books & making progress in another two, is actually a pretty good result. Even though Anna & Isla (pronounced Eye-la) wasn’t on my original TBR list, I knew they would be “quick” reads since they’re one of my all time favourites. (Side note but Isla & the Happily Ever After is one of the most underrated books ever in my opinion & I could honestly write an essay about why you should read it & why I’m so protective of it & its characters) Also, I’m aware that 350-400 pages on an e-reader is quick for me but probably not quick for everyone out there.

What more should I note here? I have already read about halfway through Greek Gods but since I didn’t make any progress during this week I put it on the last list. Also noteworthy is that I’m writing this about a week after both of these readathons ended, so I’ve actually picked up Blood of Olympus during this week & I did finish The Iron Trial previously during the week.

Have you made any reading progress this week? Maybe picked up a new book?

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