Why You Should Make An Effort To Participate In Earth Hour This Year

Why You Should Make An Effort To Participate In Earth Hour This Year

What if I told you that there’s an easy way you can send a message to world leaders while saving the earth’s resources & change climate change?

You’ve probably heard about Earth Hour before, right? I mean, after all, it’s the biggest celebration of our planet, so I’m guessing you’ve heard the name at least once before. This year the celebration takes place on March 25 with a start of 8.30 PM your local time.

Earth Hour is a movement run by WWF to show the leaders of the world that they need to pay attention to nature & more importantly, the climate. On their website, WWF has stated: “Climate change has already had devastating impacts on our planet. 2016 was the hottest year on record globally & weather extremes ranging from extreme drought to flash floods & unusual precipitation events are becoming more common. & it’s only going to get worse, unless we act.”

So how can you participate?

Go dark for an hour

Join others on Saturday & turn off all your lights at 8.30PM. It spares the Earth on its resources & you have an excuse to light some candles, or why not have a cosy evening by the fire?

Join a nearby event

There are events all around the world in honour of Earth Hour. The goal with all of these events is to create awareness to the climate & celebrate our planet. For events near you, check out the map.

Learn how your everyday life impacts the climate

You are most likely aware that the car isn’t the most climate friendly. & with vegetarian, as well as vegan diet, being the latest food trend, a lot more people are aware of the consequences of eating too much meat. But did you know that your home, your wallet & your shopping habits also has a huge impact on our nature? You can learn all about it here.

#ChangeClimateChange with Earth Hour

Through Earth Hour’s website, you can donate your Facebook feed to spread the word about the effects of climate change. You can also check the hashtags #ChangeClimateChange & #EarthHour on social media to see what others are doing.

Take part & make an impact

Previous years, Earth Hour has had some amazing results. Changing laws to be more climate-friendly to make more building solar-powered to providing families in Nepal & Madagascar with stoves.

Kick-start a zero-waste lifestyle

As I said previously your everyday life impacts the climate. The good thing is that you can do something about it. My go-to source for everything regarding zero-waste is Lauren from Trash is for Tossers. She repeatedly states, & I’m standing behind that message, that if you don’t have the ability or opportunity to go completely zero-waste, don’t feel pressured to do it, just try to change your lifestyle as much as you can. You can check out this video where she explains easy ways you can adapt your lifestyle. You can also find easy tips over on Trash is for Tossers.

Lastly, in the words of WWF: “With millions of people now demanding action, there has never been a more timely & important moment for you to speak up […] for a healthy planet.”

This post is not sponsored by WWF or Earth Hour. All opinions expressed in this article are the authors & are not indicative of the opinions or positions of WWF nor Earth Hour.