Best of 2016

Best of 2016

2016 has been a real roller coaster. Even though I’m not yet sure whether it’s been in a good or bad way, I thought it would be good to pay some sort of tribute to the year everyone has named “worst year in history”. With 2016 passing by I’ve officially finished half of my education, I took the decision to move Little Lookbook to be self-hosted & I’ve learned & grown a lot as a person, both on a personal as well as, I guess we should say business, level.

Thank you to all my lovely clients & all the wonderful brands who’ve worked with me this year. Thank you to all the beautiful people who’s followed me on this journey & hopefully will continue to follow along.

Hope you enjoy this little look back (pun intended) of my year!


As every winter there’s only actual sunlight for about 4-5 hours, so you take what you get…

I photographed a church’s Christmas concert.

Then the holidays kicked in with full force! If you’re still interested in it, you can find my gift guide on what to get your fashion obsessed friend/significant other/parent/relative/puppy here. P.S. I’m in love with this particular picture!

Took a trip to the High Coast to eat lots of Christmas food & celebrate New Year’s with my grandparents.


In November things slowed down a little, for like one second but still – much needed! The first snow of the season came at the beginning of the month while we were chatting Fars Dag (but you probably know as Father’s Day) & maybe some small hints towards holiday shopping.

I felt like testing out the different art filters in my camera & this one’s my favourite of all the test shots.

A nearby School of Music had their annual autumn concert.


October was a really photography filled month! It started off with autumn in full force, I mean… just look at all those leaves!

I got together with some of my friends for the second part of my collaboration with the British brand Talking Tables, you can find more shots & the result in this blog post.

When it started to get a little cooler in the mornings, I couldn’t not sneak in a quick snap session. I also tried out an editing technique I’ve seen others do & for being my first attempt, I’m quite happy with the outlook.

I had an internship at a photo studio where I, among other things, had a session with Victoria which you can read all about it in this post.

I also got a new baby in form of an Olympus PEN E-PL 7, here are some favourites from when I “got to know” the camera.

Blog wise, I showed you how to recreate some of Ariana Grande’s outfits & an inspiration lookbook for Halloween.


September was a quiet month. Autumn crept up on us slowly but the temperature still screamed summer.

I also tested out shooting some self-portraits.

Here on the blog we chatted Zara Larsson’s style, got inspiration to kick ass during Fashion Month & my friend Victoria wrote a little piece for you to read.


August started off with an interview with me going live, check it out here, & then I got to take photos of my little sister’s Confirmation.

I also got to introduce you to my new favourite app & photograph the first part of my collaboration with the British brand Talking Tables.


This was probably one of the most hectic months this year! Started off the month with attending a wedding.

Then I took a minutes rest to have a coffee break.

I met up with my friend Anna to go on a nearly 2 hours road trip to a summer’s market. The reason? A couple of friends of her’s had an intimate acoustic session (did I get my music terminology right?)

I also forced my friend Filippa out on a stroll with me just so I had an excuse to photograph.

I also spent way too much time photographing my mum’s flowers, because that’s the sort of fun I get up to on boring summer days.


In May I closed down my previous blog, became self-hosted & in June this Little Lookbook saw the first light (or something equally as poetic). Besides that lovely achievement, what more happened? Well, photo session with my little sister #2

I had some time to kill so I strolled around Umeå at 8 AM, probably looking like a tourist with my huge camera + camera bag.


Travelled down & spent the weekend at the High Coast at the beginning of the month.

Photo session with my little sister #1 happened.

Then we had the spring concert.

Got a visit by this little fella in my garden one day.

Apart from that, my friend Victoria wrote a piece about how we must be kind to each other, I may or may not have freaked out over one of Charlie Puth’s songs & I also put together a mini project with pictures from my daily commute.


April was also a quiet month, photography wise. Though here on the blog, we celebrated the book release of Mist & Whispers by C.M. Lucas, we chatted some music releases as well & created mood boards instead of studying. But this is a photography post so, here’s a few pics from my Instagram.


At the beginning of the month, I was asked if I could be one of the photographers at a volleyball tournament. Though I didn’t really shoot much of the actual game, I was more focused on all the kids running around everywhere.

Then Easter came around! As always, we spent the holiday up in the mountains. If you want to see more pictures from this place, I have previously posted some postcards here, here & here.

Apart from that I fell in love a lot of stuff over on Net-A-Porter, talked about my favourite empowering quotes for International Women’s Day & at your request, I talked about my skincare favourites.

January & February

As usual, both January & February are very difficult months for me photography wise. The days are short & good natural light isn’t something that exists most days. Though while I didn’t get much shooting done, I made some reading progress & Anna’s & my fundraiser took off. But some days throughout both months the weather decided to be friend with me, just check out this blog post! Oh, & my favourite book from these months was definitely Isla & the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins, a down-right 5 star read.

& that was 2016 through my camera lens. You deserve a huge round of applause if you’ve made it this far! I don’t know about you but I’m ready to see what 2017 has in store.

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