My Year in Music | Soundtrack of 2016

My Year in Music | Soundtrack of 2016

Ännu ett år har gått och det är början av januari så du kan gissa vad det innebär.

Hoppas du inte redan är less på alla ‘Best of 2016’ inlägg m.m. Jag vet att vissa la ut sina inlägg redan i december, men personligen så tycker jag det är lite för tidigt. Jag menar, hur kan man veta redan första december vad ens favoriter för hela året är när inte ens hela året gått? I alla fall, nu hamnade vi på lite sidospår.

Varje år sammanfattar Spotify vilka som är ens mest spelade låtar etc. & jag hade först tänkt göra ett inlägg baserat på vad Spotify sa, precis som jag gjorde för 2015. Ganska snabbt insåg jag att ifall jag bara skulle radda upp mina mest spelade låtar, album & artister så skulle jag bara prata om typ samma tre artister. Vilket du också kommer förstå om du snabbt scrollar igenom det här inlägget.

2014 hade jag ett koncept där jag tog hjälp från några av mina kompisar & vi blandade ihop allas favoritlåtar till en enda stor spellista. Så jag tänkte, varför inte slå ihop konceptet för både 2014 & 2015 när jag ska sammanfatta 2016 i musikväg? Kort sagt, nästa år kommer jag inte ha några idéer kvar…


Another year has passed by & we’re in the beginning of January, so you can probably guess what that means.

I hope you’re not tired of all ‘Best of 2016’ posts etc. because I have some coming up in the near future. I know some people posted theirs in December already, but personally, I feel like that’s a little too early. I mean, how are you supposed to know in the beginning of December what your favourites of the year are when the whole year hasn’t even passed? I don’t know, maybe it’s just me who’s weird like that. Anyway, we got a little off track here.

Every year Spotify summarise what your most played songs are, among some other categories. First I planned to make a blog post based on what Spotify said, you know, just like I did for 2015. But pretty fast I realised that if I would, it would only feature the same 3 artists or album. You will also realise this if you scroll through this blog post quickly.

In 2014 I asked my friends for some help & we mixed everyone’s favourite songs into one playlist. So I thought, why not mixed both concepts together for the summary of 2016? Which means next year I won’t have any ideas left…

My 5 most played songs of the year

So what were some of my most played songs of the year? If you’ve been following along for awhile, you won’t be surprised in hearing that 5 Seconds of Summer takes the first place, with their song Permanent Vacation. I mean, have you heard their music & have you heard that song? You seriously can’t hear it without wanting to sing along!

Then we have Little Mix on second most played with their song Hair & third is Jacob Whitesides‘ Lovesick. Fourth & fifth most played is Mercy by Shawn Mendes & Volcano by The Vamps. Take a note of the artists I’m mentioning here & keep scrolling because you’ll see a pattern.

Sidenote: A travel post from when I went to see 5SOS live can be found here.

My favourite albums of the year

Moving on to albums. Firstly we have the 3 albums I’ve listened to quite a lot during the year. It can’t be a music blog post without me mentioning One Direction once!

During 2016 FOUR was listened to a lot, especially because it has bops like Where Do Broken Hearts Go & Girl Almighty. I know it’s not their most recent album, but I actually prefer this album to their most recent (though nothing can beat Take Me Home in my opinion).

I know I’m quite late to the party here, but oh em gee James Bay’s voice?!? I heard both Hold Back The River & Let It Go when they both were being played on the radio a lot, but it wasn’t until last year I actually started to listen to his music. I’m obsessed!

Troye Sivan’s album was also a heavily played album of the year. A little different from my usual taste in music, but it’s such a good album! I listened to it a lot during the summer so it definitely brings back some summer memories. Not gonna lie, Youth is my favourite but Fools, The Quiet & Too Good is also up there among my favourites.

I’ve previously mentioned albums I’ve listened to a lot, but now we’re gonna move onto my favourite albums. & as always, my first mention here isn’t really huge news. It’s Shawn Mendes’ Illuminate. Surprised? No, I bet you aren’t.

I wish I could say “I could go on for days about why his music is so good” but honestly, I don’t think I could. I would most likely only be able to say “listen to it!”. If you’re wondering because of last year’s Year in Music, yes he’s still my celebrity crush. Your ears need to hear Understand & Roses!

Told you there would be a pattern in this post. I must congratulate 5 Seconds of Summer & The Vamps because they have managed to take home victory for the most played song, most popular album throughout the year & most listened to artist.

I mean on the Spotify playlist I had 11 songs from 5SOS & 19 songs by The Vamps. Either they’re really good or I have a problem… Anywho…

Apart from Permanent Vacation & Volcano, my favourites are (from Sounds Good Feels Good) Jet Black Heart & Safety Pin as well as (from Wake Up) Rest Your Love & Windmills. It’s actually way more difficult than I thought to choose favourites…

Too good to not mention

A selection of songs & artists that made 2016 for me & deserves an honorary mention. Either they didn’t fit into one of the categories above or I just felt the need to give them some extra love.

Swedish songs & artists you need to check out