Cruelty-Free Beauty Guide

Cruelty-Free Beauty Guide

A topic that I’m very interested in & feel like I don’t spend enough time chatting about is cruelty-free beauty. If I say so myself, I’ve always been one of those people that try to be eco-conscious whenever they can & I’ve always been open about where I stand when it comes to mistreatment of animals.

Though, it wasn’t until recently where I sat down & tried to educate myself on the impact the beauty industry has – both good & bad. I’m not an expert but I feel like I have enough knowledge to guide you through the very, very basic steps of cruelty-free brands.

I don’t think anyone has missed that Lush are animal-friendly but did you know that, for example, all the it-girls favourite Anastasia Beverly Hills and Charlotte Tilbury is completely cruelty-free? That popular brands like Urban Decay are cruelty-free? That drugstore dupes like Crazy Rumors, Pacifica & EcoTools are 100% vegan?

Keep reading for all things beauty that’s kind towards animals, the environment or both.

Noteworthy: Some of these brands are cruelty-free but, their parent company do test on animals. I’ve chosen to feature these brands because I support them even though I don’t necessarily agree with their parent company.

Products that are under $10

Products that are under $20

Products that are under $50

I’m looking for vegan products…

Products for your bath & your skin

Brushes by cruelty-free or vegan brands

Eye spy… (okay, that was a bad pun)

To leave your body or home smelling fresh as ever

Treat your hair

Everything you could need for your lips

Products for your nails

Beauty bags by cruelty-free or vegan brands

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