How To Nail That Traditional Swedish Fika

How To Nail That Traditional Swedish Fika

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Idag är det dags för del 2 av mitt samarbete med brittiska inredningsmärket Talking Tables. Om du inte redan sett del 1 så finns den här. I det inlägget berättar jag lite om själva märket & även lite om deras produkter, mål & historia plus vi firar det här nya kapitlet för Little Lookbook. Nu, i del 2 så ska vi prata om mat. Lite mer specifikt, alla typer av godsaker & efterrätter; jag har alltså fått i uppdrag att försöka reda ut vad fika är för något. Det här kan bli intressant, därför jag är inte någon höjdare på mat eller efterrätter plus jag är inte någon expert på svenska traditioner trots att jag bott här i hela mitt liv. Kort sagt, det här kan antingen gå hur fint som helst eller bara vara pinsamt. Vi får hålla tummarna på att det blir det första!


Translation: Today I’m bringing you part 2 of my collaboration with the British accessories & decorations brand Talking Tables. You can find part 1 here, where I talk about the brand, their products, goals & history plus a small celebration of this new chapter for Little Lookbook. Now, in part 2 we’re going to talk about food. Specifically all kinds of sweets, desserts & all that good stuff; I’m going to try & guide you through what fika is. Bare with me, though, because I’m not good at all this food or dessert stuff nor am I an expert in Swedish history or traditions (even though I’ve lived here for all my life).

Just like with everything else, if you ask a swede what fika is, everyone’s answer will be different. If you want to be a party pooper you could translate it to “a chit-chat over a cup of coffee”. Though personally, I would translate it to the British afternoon tea, just a little “heavier”. It’s most likely because I’m a 100% sweet tooth… & don’t worry, you’ll get what I mean with heavier in just a second.

Depending on what kind of person you are, you either go for a cup of coffee or a glass of juice & to that some sort of sweet. Some prefer just a simple cinnamon bun, some want something small like a brownie & some “go hard or go home” with a smörgåstårta (seriously, you end up in a food coma after just one slice of it!). Here are some links to recipes of typical desserts that I connect to fika:

Kanelbullar (translation: Cinnamon buns)
Jordgubbssaft (translation: Strawberry juice)
Prinsesstårta (translation: Princess cake)

Quite fittingly. Apparently, today is International Cookie Day, so why not try out one or two of these recipes? Leave me a comment down below & tell me what your favourite sweet or dessert is. Personally, I love anything & everything with chocolate!

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