My First Time Shooting Portraits – In A Photo Studio As Well

My First Time Shooting Portraits – In A Photo Studio As Well

If you’ve read this blog post or have been following along on social media for the past four weeks, you know I’ve been interning at a photo studio. For four weeks I got to shadow a professional portrait photographer – I got to follow along & assist during photo shoots, I learned how they do the editing there & I learned a lot about the bond between psychology & photography, among some other things. During these four weeks, I also had the opportunity to borrow the studio for an hour one day when it wasn’t so busy you ran around like a headless chicken. So I thought I should share some of the results with you here.


As you probably have guessed by now, I love photography – it’s my passion & it’s my safe place. I love shooting everything & anything & if there’s a photo opportunity I will most likely take it without a question or second thought. You know how musicians say they love music because it tells a story? Or how a writer talks about escaping into their own world while writing? That’s how I feel about photography. The fact that you can create a feeling, a message, a story with just you & a camera in your hand. I could probably go on for hours about this but I feel like I got a little off track here.

What I wanted to say is that up until now I’ve mostly been comfortable photographing nature, animals, interior etc. If I’ve shot for another purpose than my own enjoyment, I’ve avoided shooting people because – you guessed it  – it’s out of my comfort zone. So when the opportunity to have an internship with a portrait photographer came up, I grabbed it.

Not gonna lie, I was quite terrified the first day because as I said, shooting people is not my strongest card (is that how you say it?). I kept reminding myself that people always say that you should go out of your comfort zone as often as possible. & also quite frankly, how am I meant to become a better photographer if I didn’t take this chance? Isn’t the point of photography that you never become fully learned & that it always changes?

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” – George Bernard Shaw

You know how people always emphasise the importance of light when it comes to photography. Yeah, I already knew that but being at the photo studio I learned just how important it is & also how hard it can be to get right. The photos in this post are the ones that I’m most happy with – some I’m actually really proud of & give myself a clap on the shoulder for. Though I want to point out, I’m my own worst critique so my message to myself is: Don’t focus on the small details (that probably only you notice) about the photographs you want to change afterwards, instead focus on the fact that you went out of your comfort zone & were happy with what you gained.

Have you recently done something out of your comfort zone? & do you have a motivational mantra you tell yourself?