I’m With The Skater Boy

I’m With The Skater Boy

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Gina Tricot crop top (similar in black here), Size 8 Needle skirt via Jeans Company (sold out, similar here)

Ten points to whoever got that reference. There was some kind of throwback day at school earlier this week where they played old-school Avril Lavigne & Kelly Clarkson. After that, I’ve been shamelessly humming along to this song because I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. Talk about nostalgia!

If you’ve been following me for awhile or happen to follow me on Twitter, you would know these facts.

1. I’m a Monica from Friends type of person when it comes to being organised. Everything has its own place & I like having things in order. Whether that’s colour coordinated, in alphabetical order or organised after height & shape. Check out this post & this post for my organisation tips & tricks.

2. You would also know that I’m currently migrating all my old blog posts (so much cringe!) from my last platformyay for now being self-hosted! Cue the pillow of shame because some are literally painful to see & I may have had to delete some old posts because… Yeah…

3. I’m also working on building up a photography portfolio (need a photographer? slide into those DMs or send me a note) which means hours & hours of sorting, organising & looking through way too many photos. See point 1 for reference & then you can pretty much picture how my evenings look like.

I have a lot of pre-shot outfits as well as photo diaries, both from this year & last year, that I haven’t shared with you lovely people yet. So I’ve decided that I’ve waited long enough & now I’m just going to post them for you to enjoy whenever I have spare minutes. I’m not going to put a promise here, but I will say that I’m going to attempt to break a pattern.

Usually, I would go through the whole archive to make sure that I have a clear view & that everything is in its place. You know, just in case I might have missed a photo. Then I would move on to editing & then it would sit in the drafts for a couple of weeks up to months until the photos got to see the light of day.

I’ve come to realise that from a blogger’s & from a photographer’s perspective. That’s not effective. So here’s to an attempt at posting articles whenever I stumble upon old photos or shoot new once. Even if they are from over a year ago.

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