Sunday Coffee Chat | 25.09.2016

Sunday Coffee Chat | 25.09.2016

1) Morning light through the dirty window of a bus 2) Typical lunch picture 3) The sun actually paid a visit in Umeå for once 4) When you’re in a shooting mood but no one’s free so you take self-portraits instead 5) A certain guy has put up with me for over a year now, give him a round of applause 6) Autumn’s officially here 7) Taking this little diva on a walk is like walking a dog


As you all probably now September is dubbed fashion month & the way I stay updated through the whole fashion week mayhem (expect for Snapchat & Insta stories) is with Vogue’s app Vogue Runway. The description of the app is:

The Vogue Runway app gives you unlimited access to the world’s fashion shows from the authority in fashion media, on your iPhone and iPad. Get the latest ready-to-wear, couture, resort, pre-fall, and menswear collections from around the globe—including New York, London, Milan, Paris, and beyond—within minutes of the first model’s walk down the runway.

So download the app & then you can without a problem pretend to have been there in person.


If you’re following me on Twitter, have seen my “recently listened to” on Spotify or remember this blog post, then it doesn’t come as a surprise that I choose to feature Jacob Whitesides newly released album here. Buy it, listen to it, enjoy it. You can thank me later.

P.S. Bury Our Love, Lovesick & Open Book are such tunes!

Inspiring People

Have to take the time to talk about three of my favourite photographers at the moment. Love their work & they give me so much inspiration at the moment to just go out, practice, learn & get better as a photographer. You can find some of Rosie Hardy’s work here, some of Adam Bird’s work here & some of Linda Blacker’s work here. & no, I’m absolutely not stalking their Instagram & marvel over their work. Absolutely not…

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