The Fashion Inspiration: Zara Larsson

The Fashion Inspiration: Zara Larsson

As much as the next person, I look up to a lot of people & a lot of different people, whether it’s on a personal level, on a professional level or on a political level. Though the person who I’m inspired by whom I’ll be talking about today is not on one of those levels, it’s completely different – I’m talking about the style level.

Whether you know Zara Larsson as the “Lush Life” singer, the outspoken feminist or from social media, there’s two things we all can agree on. She has a beautiful voice and she has an amazing sense of style.

Here I’ve put together a little get the look of some of here outfits. Well, I may have gone a little overboard with the suggestions of bomber jackets but… That’s another story.

What’s your opinion on Zara & her style? Do you have any specific celebrities you want me to see in the future get the look article?

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