Why I Have Decided To Take A Break & Re-launch

Whether it’s at school or at work. Whether it’s your everyday life or on the internet. Whether it’s something small or huge. You will get to a point where you realise “I need to make a change”. It dawns on you that you’re at a crossroad & you have to make a decision because it can’t stay as it is right now. Either you have to step down, go back & return to how things were. Return to the safer choice, so to say. Or you take a chance & take the road less travelled. The choice where you’re not entirely sure what awaits you or what’s going to happen.

This happened to me the other day. Maybe not that poetic & inspirational but the thought definitely hit me. I had to make a change because I couldn’t keep the machine going as it was at that moment… The subject of this matter was Little Lookbook, my blog, this blog.

I love Nouw & think it’s a wonderful platform. I truly recommend that if you want to start a blog, you should begin on Nouw. Everything is so easy to understand & there are truly amazing people on the platform. I could probably go on for hours about why I like Nouw. But recently, I’ve come to realise that I have to move on & take the next step on the journey.

As I see it, I’m at the crossroad right now. I can either turn around a go back to the safety of Nouw. That to me means I have to step down, go for less & be happy with the situation as it is right now. My other option is to climb over what to me looks like a huge wall. Maybe a funny way to put it, but it’s quite daunting because I’m completely clueless as to what exactly will happen if I make that choice. All I know is if I take that chance I have to work ten times harder but it’s towards my goal.

I choose to “climb over that wall”. Take that first step & take the high road. All that poetic & inspirational stuff. I’ve taken the decision to take a break from blogging & as the first step on this journey, re-launch my blog on a new platform. I don’t know exactly when the re-launch will happen but you can bet I’ll announce it all over my social media. I’ve thought about this for a while & felt like it was the best decision to make. By taking this break I can have full focus on making the new blog exactly how I want it.