Sunday Coffee Chat | 01.05.16

Sunday Coffee Chat | 01.05.16

1. That typical April weather 2. Ran around Ikea & got some interior inspiration 3.Pretended to be a sports photographer 4. My finger game this month 5. Spent the Easter weekend up in the mountains 6. Celebrated my boyfriends birthday 7. Morning coffee 8. Enjoyed a sunny afternoon in Umeå 9. Another sunny afternoon picture 10. I’ve started to post more & more of my photography over on Instagram



I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I have a thing for crime series. Or murder series. Well, actually, series in general where there’s either a mystery that needs to be solved or follows a specific police force or… you get where I’m going? It’s actually quite ironic since I have literally the worst fright/phobia for blood – I feel like fainting just thinking about it.

After finishing binge watching Broadchurch (read my rambling about it here) & then watching the same 3 or 4 episodes of NCIS: Los Angeles & Navy CIS (see the pattern?), I stumbled upon a show called Unforgettable. Well, to be honest, I re-visited it. I remembered trying to watch it a while ago, but it just didn’t sink in & I always forgot which episode I was on, & so on. Basically, I never really got anywhere. Luckily for me (unlucky as well), the show has ended so I can watch all 4 seasons from start to end now.

Anywho, I fell in love with the concept &, as always, the characters & now I’m hooked. To not spoil too much for you, Unforgettable follows the character, Carrie Wells. She’s a police detective who suffers from hyperthymesia which makes her visually remember everything. & when I say everything, I mean everything. Though, there’s one thing she can’t remember & it’s what happened the day her sister was murdered. In the search for that answer she, quite reluctant, joins the homicide unit at the New York City Police Department &… The rest you have to find out by watching the series yourself

Body & Skincare


Well, to be honest. I’ve actually already made a blog post this month about this topic. So if you want to find out what music I’ve been loving, check out this post. It’s actually the safest because I don’t think you want me fangirling all over again…


If you’ve been anywhere near any of my social media platforms, you might have guessed the answer to this topic. It’s The Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan. Recognise that name? Well, pardon my sass but you should. It’s the author of the Percy Jackson series & The Heroes of Olympus is the follow up after all the events that happened in that series. Confusing? Well, it’s kind of the trademark of the whole Percy Jackson-world but don’t worry, you’ll get used to it (that’s a lie)

In case you missed this post, I recently finished reading The Mark of Athena (the third book in the series) & even though I’m not quite okay afterwards & probably should have taken a few days to recover. I went straight on & continued reading The House of Hades (fourth book). The down part with finals beginning this past week is that I haven’t had time to read, so I’m only a few chapters in. No spoilers, thank you.

You can find all Rick Riordan’s books here. The first book in the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series here (på svenska här). The first book in The Heroes of Olympus series here (på svenska här). The first book in the series about Egyptian mythology here (på svenska här). & last but not least, the first book in the series about nordic mythology here (finns inte på svenska än).



I recently wrote a short blog post about my thoughts on using real fur in products & in interior etc. (read it here). To continue a little on this track, let’s move on & discuss animal testing. Mainly, animal testing in the beauty industry. My friend @EMILIAVICTORIA recently wrote a post over on her blog on this exact topic. If you have a few moments over you should definitely go & read it, because it makes you think.

“You would think that as far as we’ve come today with science, we could stick to methods that don’t include these poor animals who has to suffer for our advantage. Therefore, we should stop supporting these horrible experiments and not buy products whom companies test on animals. There are other alternatives who are equally as good. […] So stop buying makeup from these companies and do good. Good for these poor animals who maybe one day get the opportunity to see freedom, escape the horrible cages & especially; all the horrible tests they’re exposed to. We don’t perform any experiments on humans, so why should animals – who are also living individuals – be exposed to it?”

The entire blog post is in Swedish, so I’ve translated a quote from it for you who don’t understand the language. If you want to read Emilia’s blog post about animal testing you can find it here.

What have you been loving during April?