Kikr – Pinterest meets Amazon | #MyKikr

Kikr – Pinterest meets Amazon | #MyKikr

I recently had the pleasure to be one of a few selected influencers who got the chance to try out the brand new shopping app Kikr. To quote the people behind the scenes;

“The simplest way to describe [Kikr] is imagine Pinterest meets Amazon…”

The main idea, & what the app aims to achieve, is to be a marketplace who helps connect people with another for the love of retail. Through this app, you can shop, share with others & earn commission through your own collections. Still confused about this whole Pinterest & Amazon reference? Well, let me explain further…

Just like with Amazon, you can search for literally everything from that specific shoe to dresses in general, from exactly that specific brand to handbags. Whatever you search for you will get a match (I promise, try yourself!) & then you can start shopping.

If you don’t feel like shopping you can still scroll through & collect all the products you love into different collections – just like on Pinterest.

If someone decides to buy an item from one of your collections you’ll earn a small commission for promoting the product. Kikr features all the best collections on the main page of the app & you can also share your collections on social media.

Now you got all the basic information, so how about my opinions then?

I found that it was very easy to create an account & get started as well as connect your social media channels. I also really liked the fact that you can personalise your profile with different pictures – your own if you want to but just in case, there’s a whole gallery in the app with pictures you can choose from (not going to lie, I fell in love with the Eiffel Tower picture!).

To get back to the commission talk we had earlier, you start to earn money the second you sign up on the app. Well technically that’s a lie but, you do get a sign-up bonus. If I remember correctly you also have a chance of earning a few other bonuses, you know the classical ones like “finish write your profile”, “create a collection”, “save an item to a collection” etc.

As a little mini Instagram & similar to this other app I’ve written about, you can post pictures on the app for others to like. What I think every fashion obsessed person will like about this feature is that you can also tag what you’re wearing.

To be quite frank, it’s a great feature but it has to be my only complaint about the app. I had a lot of difficulties with tagging items on my pictures, not sure if it was just my phone (that is a very logical possibility) or if everyone else had the same problem.

Other than that I really liked the app & do recommend you to try it out for yourself. You can download Kikr here.

Tweet me a link to your collection(s) so I can have a look, also make sure to tag @mykikr & hashtag #kikr & #mykikr if you post anything on any social media channel!

This post is written as a part of the app release. The author does not receive any compensation what so ever. The opinions expressed here are those of the author & are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Kikr. For more information, check out the disclaimer page.