Instagram Diary | August – December

Instagram Diary | August – December

Had to stop on my way to school to take a shot of the beautiful autumn leaves | One of the many fabulous poses I pull off while shooting outfits | Bought some A/W riding gear from Hööks

Also bought this cosy scarf from Lindex which I’ve been wearing literally every single day this winter |  I call this pose “I’m way past tired & I really need at least 3 cups of coffee right now”

This outfit is starting to become my school uniform | Spotted some more autumn leaves so I had to take the obligatory #fromwhereistand shot | Oh you know, the joy of school work

Dinner at my grandparents’ house | Another outtake, this time it’s from my article about inspiration, creativity and creating content | As every year, I fell in love with all the colours

The sky was just a little dramatic | It was such a lovely weather that I abandoned my school work & went for a walk | I seem to have a thing for taking pictures of the sunset, just look at my photo archive

Bought a new pair of glasses as well as sunglasses | Got my hands on Zoe Sugg’s second book & I must say I really enjoyed it, wrote a short review here if you’re interested | An attempt at making my bookshelf a little festive

The first snow of the season | Homework, always homework | An impulsive outfit shot

I may have gone a little overboard at the dessert table at an event | Went out on an adventure a.k.a. we were out shooting | I may be a little behind but, I actually had no idea that they sell White Chocolate Mocha here nor in a Christmas cup

Christmas Day sunrise | My motto on Instagram during December: “you can never have too many Christmas-y pictures” | Retail therapy at The Body Shop, I want everything | I cut & coloured my hair, from chocolate brown to auburn/copper | My Christmas Eve dinner outfit

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