Anno’s Africa

Anno’s Africa

“Any Human anywhere will blossom in a hundred unexpected talents and capacities simply by being given the opportunity to do so” – Doris Lessing

I can only speak for myself, but I think all kinds of creativity is an important part of a childhood. Music, dancing, acting, painting & different types of crafting. They all give you an opportunity to express yourself, but not every child has that chance. Let me tell you the story about Anno’s Africa, a UK organisation who’s offering creative arts education for orphans & children from slum areas in Kenya.

Anno’s Africa is a UK based charity who offer creative arts education to orphans & vulnerable children in some of Kenya’s city slums. The children who participate in the programme live in terrible conditions, either on the street or in iron shacks, with families who struggle to feed themselves. Some of these families have to feed themselves on less than a dollar per day. As these children live in slum areas, they are a prey to many illnesses such as malaria, different types of lung infection & HIV/AIDS.

The primary school in Kenya is free – actually there’s no school fee at all – but many families can’t afford the other costs – books, a new school uniform every year & lunch, for example. As a result of this, various churches & organisations has set up charity schools to offer the children a basic education. Anno’s Africa helps these schools with offering workshops in art, drama, music, dance (traditional African dance & classical ballet) & circus skills. Just recently they started to work with an orphanage called Sure 24 in Nakuru. Anno’s Africa’s concept is that through these workshops they offer the children an alternative career, help them explore & discover their creative talent & give them confidence, self-esteem & hope for their adult lives.

“Although there are many charities working to supply medical help and feed these children, what is sometimes overlooked is that they are as hungry for an education as they are for food.”

Now you probably wonder who the people behind Anno’s Africa are. The European teaching team works voluntarily & doesn’t receive any payment for their work, though, the locally recruited African artists & trainers whom work do receive a small salary. This is to make sure that the major part of the money the organisation raises goes directly to the children & to develop the charity. Take 5 minutes to check the gallery on their website or check out the videos. I probably looked like an idiot from smiling so much while looking at the pictures. You can really see how much fun they have during these workshops. & trust me, the short films really make you think.

If you – like me & Anna – think this sounds like an amazing organisation, please consider leaving a donation on our fundraiser page. I’ve said it before but it’s my birthday on January 18 & I definitely think that you should leave a small donation instead of buying/sending me a gift. That would really make my day! Click here to go to Anna’s blog & get more information regarding the fundraiser & the ballet classes that we are supporting. If you got any questions you can email or me at Keep an eye on Anna’s blog & my Twitter, for further updates regarding the fundraiser.

This is a collaboration between me & Anna, none of us is being compensated by Anno's Africa for taking our time with this project. All the money from the fundraiser goes directly to Anno's Africa and will be used to achieve the goal of the charity. All photos belong to Anno's Africa.