My Year In Music | Soundtrack of 2015

My Year In Music | Soundtrack of 2015

Earlier today I was scrolling through Amanda Valfridsson’s blog & saw that she had done a blog post about her Year in Music on Spotify. Since I loved that & thought it would be very interesting to see my own year, I’m going to steal the idea from her. Before we get started I just want you all to know; I’m not a huge music fan, I’m not very up to date & as you soon will witness, I literally listen to like 5 different songs. & as always, no judging & hating on any artist. So, shall we get started then?

You started the year with listening to…

Very fittingly. I started off the year with listening to my all time favourite song by one of my favourite bands. Beside You is probably my favourite song by 5 Seconds of Summer besides (no pun intended) Wherever You Are. Don’t know what it is but something with that song makes me really, really, really love it.

Your most played artist was…

I was not surprised to see that Little Mix was my most played artist of the year. Love their music so much! & of course, One Direction came in second place, followed by 5SOS, Shawn Mendes & last Ariana Grande (Anna is going to be so proud when she sees that). What did surprise me was that The Vamps weren’t on this list, kind of expected that because it’s literally everything I’ve been listening to the last 2 or 3 months.

Your most played album was…

Seriously, how can you not have a crush on this guy? (he is absolutely NOT my celebrity crush at the moment!) I have around a 40-minute travel by bus to get to school & I’ve been listening to this album every single day this autumn. Both on the way to school & on my way home. Just a little-kind-of-totally obsessed with his music so this wasn’t a surprise at all.

Your most played song was…

How many times can I repeat “this is not a surprise” before it gets tiring? Can we take a moment to talk about Salute? I mean… wow! It literally screams girl power & feminism. (Yes, I’m a feminist. No, I’m not going to start a rant about it. At least not now.) Does anyone know where I can listen to a good live version of Something Big? Have found a lot of videos on Stitches, but I seriously need one of Something Big. To bet completely honest, I have no idea how Juicy Wiggle made its way to that list, going to have to blame my brother for that.

You listened to 15 000 minutes of music, 411 different artists, 1097 different songs

Could I get a list of every single artist & every single song, thanks? That would be brilliant!

Most played // winter & spring

Haha, well not a lot changed here. As I said, I literally listen to the same 5 songs all the time. I mean, Little Mix, One Direction & 5 Seconds of Summer are really talented, so I don’t see how this is weird… I’m not crazy… Right?

Most played // summer & autumn

1. How did Redfoo get on this list? 2. No hate on Zara! 3. I might be listening to Handwritten 24 hours 7 days a week… I mean, have you heard this guy’s voice?

This is how 2015 has been for me in music. Actually, very few things surprised me when I checked it out. But as I said, I’m really bad at finding new music. Soz! Now I suggest that you go & create your own Year in Music. Let me know in the comments how the year looked for you. Who knows? We might have the same favourite artist, song or maybe the same favourite album. To create your own Year in Music click here.