Wrap Up | #HolidayBookTubeAThon

Wrap Up | #HolidayBookTubeAThon

The #holidaybooktubeathon is an event that takes place December 27th-29th. It’s a very laid-back event & the only goal is to read as many books as possible. You can find all the necessary information in the video above & make sure to follow BookTube-A-Thon’s Twitter & Instagram.

Books completed:

Books started:

Total pages read:

A total of 167 pages.


I didn’t get as much reading done during this read-a-thon as I previously planned, but I’m still quite happy since I did finish one book from my TBR pile. & to be positive, I’ve actually managed to do some progress with Prince Caspian (such a heavy read!). If all else fail, I can just blame all the sales going around at the moment for my ever growing bedside table book pile.

How did the read-a-thon go for you? Did you manage to get your TBR pile down during 2015?

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