Have I Stopped Blogging?

Have I Stopped Blogging?

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Vintage jacket, New Yorker tank, Bik Bok shorts

There is one, no actually two questions that I have been asked a lot the past three or something weeks. 1. Why do you not post more often on Little Lookbook? and 2. Have you stopped blogging? I get a little taken back and stammer out something as an answer, and then immediately regret it because I get asked another question or, I just simply sound like a three-year-old who just learned to talk.

Now, there is actually not a simple answer to these questions. And if I would sit here and talk about everything on my mind, that would take a while. The thing is, it is quite complicated (isn’t it always?) So I will try to make this as short as possible, without boring you of course.

The easiest, quickest and in fact, the most human answer I spit out is school. I am still in high school and my schedule is 8.30AM-4.00PM. To sound like a cliché, I only have as many hours of the day as Beyoncé. And it gets a little hectic trying to balance school, the blog and trying to squeeze in somewhat of a social life. I am a person who always has and always will put school first. That naturally leads to; If I have a homework deadline and a blog post deadline, I will always finish the homework first.

Little Lookbook will always be my inspiration platform. It’s a platform for me where I can put all my fashion and photography inspiration, be creative and hopefully, in the process, inspire others. That’s something I don’t want to change. And with a change I mean, I don’t want it to feel forced. To me, you can’t force creativity, it comes naturally. I don’t want Little Lookbook to feel forced or that I have to treat this blog like work. That I have to sit in my bed every other day and force myself to write a blog post. Repetition: This is my platform for fashion and photography inspiration. It’s a place where I go to because I want to, not because I have to.

This last point is something that I can only blame myself for. I’m a perfectionist, I’m a quality over quantity person. Something that I’ve been repeating to my friends and family over the last few weeks are: ”I’m a Zoella, not an Angelica Blick!” Both Zoella and Angelica Blick are amazing bloggers that I look up to but, they have different blogging styles. Zoella (manages both her blog as well as a Youtube channel) doesn’t blog that often but puts a lot of work into every blog post. Angelica Blick writes short posts with lots of pictures and updates a couple of times every day. What I mean with this is that because I’m a perfectionist, I rather post once every week and create an article that I’m 100% happy with, rather than post 5 times a day and create something that I can hardly look at afterwards.

So, to answer the questions. No, I haven’t stopped blogging, it just takes a certain amount of time because I want to create something that I’m happy with and proud of. Thanks for coming back and reading my blog, even if it doesn’t update 24 hours 7 days a week, it really means a lot to me!


Here’s a fancy outtake that I couldn’t not post!