5 Things To Do Before Classes Starts

5 Things To Do Before Classes Starts

En av mina favoritstrategier för att fördriva tid är att läsa & titta på Youtube. Speciellt videos, men även blogginlägg, där man nästan borde sätta en varningsskylt för “nyfiken i en strut”. För några dagar sedan insåg jag att jag aldrig riktigt har gjort ett inlägg där fokuset har varit på det jag skrivit. Fokuset har alltid varit på bilderna. Eftersom det snart är skolstart & jag är en självutnämnd överorganiserad elev så tänkte, varför inte göra ett inlägg med min checklista inför ett nytt läsår?


Translation: One of my favourite strategies for passing time is reading & watching Youtube. Especially those videos, also blog posts, where you should put a warning for being nosy. A few days ago I realised that I’ve never really written a post where the focus has been on the text. The focus has always been on the pictures. Because it’s nearing school start & I’m a self-proclaimed over organised student I thought, why not create a blog post with my checklist for a new school year?


The most basic part; go out & buy cute essentials. Notebooks (lots of them!), pencils, highlighters, sticky notes, etc.

A calendar.

You know the “I’ll remember that I don’t have to write that down”? It always happens despite the fact that I know I have the memory of a goldfish. To prevent that from happening I use Sunrise Calendar on my computer & my phone (scroll down for more information), as well as a Burde calendar to write down school stuff.

Check out: printable to-do templates

Make a study plan.

When you know your classes & schedule, make a study plan. To me, it really helps with avoiding that last minute stress.

Check out: Kat or Caroline‘s post to create your own

A tidy room & bag.

Keeping your room & bag tidy will help you get rid of the distraction & the clutter in your head. But to be honest, this is something I know I should do, but my laziness always takes over. Oops…


Over the last few years, I’ve found some great apps to help me stay organised. All of these apps are free (some have purchases available in the app but they’re free to download + use) & I’m not being paid to mention them.

Any.do – it’s a great app for those of you who love having to-do lists of basically everything.
Evernote – if you’re not a big fan of Word or Google Documents, try this app.
Quizlet & Duolingo – 2 great apps if you study a language.
myHomework – keep track of your classes, tests, homework & grades.


“Don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 20.”


What’s your goal or goals for this school year? Let me know in the comments down below. Would love if we could keep each other updated on how it goes!

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