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20 People Who Had It Way Worse than Any of Us

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Have you ever had something turn out far different than you expected it would and felt immensely disappointed?  Well, sitting there alone with a disappointed face thinking that you are the worse people in the world wouldn’t make your day or life easier but more difficult. So, just to think that you are not only the person who’s having a bad day, here are some people who are definitely having it much worse than you are right now.
Even the odds are not in their favor yet they are fighting for their lives. You are definitely going to feel them, Hence, get your tissues ready if in case this will make you cry.

01. There isn’t anything I cannot do in this world to get an interview, imagine what I will do for your company if I get selected?

02. Imagine you are going on a depopulated road driving at top speed and suddenly, you hear a loud bang with this

03. When you are trying the new cloud mask you bought for 100$ and you realize the clouds won’t stop erupting at the same time.

04. “Everything is temporary” makes an example out of a kid

05. Hold still kid, do not move, I repeat, do not move

06. He has no idea what is coming on to him

07. Whatever happens, do not ever miss the fun

08. At one moment you are over the moon and in the very next you’re done with life

09. Someone is having a bad time at the gas station, no one deserves this

10. Why is the world such a cruel place?

11. Hope there is a window that he can jump

12. Tragedy struck the same person

13. Imagine you are in hurry and you shut the door on your phone

14. You are almost late for work and this happens

15. When you order a drink and what you get

16. She is lucky, he is not

17. Who says nothing is impossible?

18. What has it ever done to you?

19. Oops! That’s a lot of work

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Last modified: September 13, 2019